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Face to Face with PhDs” Practical Activity

Released on: 1970-01-01

       In recent days, members participating in social practice project led by Changzhou Chenfeng Top Teachers Studio carried out “Face to Face with PhDs” public interactive experience activity with more than 10 PhDs of “Shichuang Team” in the Liyang Zhongguancun Pioneer Park.

       More than 30 members visited the Company, experienced the corporate culture and listened to the report on the Company’s pioneering history and achievements first, then two representatives of PhDs introduced their experience and stories during learning and at last PhDs provided a targeted guidance to and interacted with those students in accordance with “Archives of Little PhD Development Plan”.

      It is learned that “Face to Face with PhDs” was the second activity of “Little PhD Development Plan” built by “Public Benefit Team of PhDs from Shichuang” for the purpose of leading those students to have their own aspirations and dreams in order to become a useful talent to the society.