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Shichuang Energy Gave a Perfect Ending to 2016 PERC Cell Seminar

Released on: 1970-01-01

       On June 29, 2nd Global Solar Photovoltaic Industry PERC Solar Cell Technology and Market Seminar successfully ended. This seminar gathered many top management staff of photovoltaic enterprises and industry experts at home and abroad and they conducted detailed presentations and discussions on the development direction, advanced technology and competiveness analysis of PERC cell.

      As the main sponsor of this seminar and main participant of global PERC cell technology provision and R & D, the Company made its appearance in this seminar with new high-end equipment and comprehensively demonstrated latest R & D achievements and solutions on PERC cell. Professional technician of the Company delivered a detailed report, introducing a useful tool on anti-LID-crystalline silicon solar cell body defect passivation equipment (Anti-LID series) developed and manufactured by the Company. Such equipment uses electric injection technology to achieve the purpose of anti-LID. After the treatment by this equipment, the light attenuation rate can be controlled within 1%. Now, many sets of equipment have been tested on the client side and mass-produced. During this seminar, many customers and industry experts took keen interests in the Anti-LID series of equipment and carried out consultation and in-depth communication with the Company. Through this seminar, the Company’s technical R & D power on PERC cell is more